Tuesday, 28 August 2012

MSc Questionnaire Prize Draw

I am pleased to announce that the MSc Questionnaire Prize Draw has now been run.

The winner was chosen by generating random numbers using MS Excel.  The unique ID of the first person who had fully completed the survey won the draw, as per the draw rules.

Brian Goulding of Pygma Consulting, South Africa was the winner.  After a brief e-mail exchange, Brian kindly asked that his prize be donated to benefit another PM student, so I am looking to donate a book (or books) to the value of £30 to the Manchester Metropolitan University Business School library.

Brian left the choice of books to me, so after some thought, I picked out two key books that have been particularly of use to me during my PM studies - Project Management by Dennis Lock, and Business Analysis by James Cadle (and others).  I have contacted the university to find out how I can get an extra copy of one or both of these books into the library.

Once again, thanks to everyone who was involved in the questionnaire.  Your contribution to my work was much appreciated.  I will post results (and perhaps the full dissertation) on my blog once my MSc work has been submitted, marked and moderated.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

MSc research

Well, the survey is now closed.

Many thanks to those who completed the survey fully!!

I'll post results once I've got all the data loaded up into the database, analysed it and completed the dissertation.  Not sure yet whether the results will prove anything of statistical relevance, but if not there are still some excellent opportunities to pick up some good practice from others in the industry.

Overall, I hope other PM's, (especially new ones) will be able to learn something useful from the answers that some of the more experienced people gave.