Sunday, 6 February 2011

Planning for construction

There is a construction site nearby and they work some really antisocial hours. As you would imagine, everyone is affected by the noise and vibration.

If you speak to the people on site, they say that they can't do anything about it, because that's what was planned and agreed. So how does this work? You have to ask yourself why the people planning the work thought 'people won't mind us drilling from 7am until 9pm'.

Well, this is raises a question about stakeholder engagement. If you're planning a building and you don't consult the residents and other users of the area, then you're not doing your job properly! If you are planning a project and you think 'I'm actually scared of engaging with people, as they'll probably be unhappy' then you have to question why you are thinking that - and deep down, you know that the answer is that you know that you're planning to fail.

I've done quite a few projects and never felt that there was a reason not to consult with ALL the stakeholders. It's simple to do and you get much better buy-in from people.

It sounds like a whinge, (and it is!) but there are actually some important lessons to be learned here.

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