Friday, 20 November 2015

PMChat 20Nov15 - My answers!!

I just did my first PMChat.  I didn't want to be answering the questions myself during the chat, just focussing on what everyone else was saying, so here are my considered answers...

Q1) About you: What role do you normally carry out within projects? Are you a PM, BA, Sponsor, or something else entirely?

A1) I do a variety of roles, so I describe myself as a "PM/BA hybrid thingy", where "thingy" = internal consultant

Q2) How do you use to ensure that you have an appropriate level of top-management support for, and throughout your projects?

A2a) I check they're aware what's needed from them. If they're not keen to provide that, then I try and keep away from the project.

A2b) Then frequent comms throughout

Q3) How do you ensure that you have established appropriate success criteria for your projects?

A3) If there's a great customer and UR for the project, & customers have been consulted, it's usually clear what success looks like.

Q4) How do you ensure that there are sufficiently clear and detailed requirements and scope on your projects?

A4) I speak to the users, ask them about their work and problems. I also try and work out what their departmental business model is.

Q5) How do you ensure that you have sufficient resources and training to carry out the project?

A5) I'd try to convince managers first before a visit to the sponsor for assistance. I also prefer to train people up if possible.

Q6) What do you do if those resources just aren't there, or not made available to you?

A6) Short answer: No staff = no project!

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