Tuesday, 19 June 2012

MSc Questionnaire

If you've arrived here after completing my MSc questionnaire, I would like to say a big "thank you" for your efforts.

Once I've done some analysis on the results, I will post the results on this blog.

If you've done a partial completion, please take the time to go back and complete the answers fully, as I need the full picture from you in order to ensure that I can actually get something useful from the survey.

As I promised, fully answered questionnaires will be entered into a prize draw for a £30 Amazon voucher, but you have to complete the survey fully to be eligible!!

There are some interesting results so far, and I am hoping that the analysis will uncover some really exciting points.  I have already thought of some ways in which I may be able to improve the survey, such as country where the PM works, and putting the e-mail address at the end of the survey - but unfortunately I can't edit a survey that's currently running without losing all the data!!

I might also change the 'fail modes' section to 'check-box' quantitative-type questions, but I didn't want to bias the results by giving a limited number of options for people to tick off.  By leaving the advanced questions as qualitative, open-ended questions, it gives people a chance to give their own answers, and not be biased by mine.

I was also surprised that someone ripped off some of the questions from my survey and posted them in the APM group.  The funny thing is that the perpetrator wasn't doing it to help me, and he wasn't helping other PM's, students, academia, or even himself, as there is no way of drawing anything further out of the answers except the respondee's opinion - no way of discovering how the answers link to the level of experience, risk, age, sector, industry, professional body, qualifications, etc.  Normally, I wouldn't respond to the challenge, but I felt that I had to post a response because the guy was risking biasing my entire MSc work.  On the whole, a bit of a nightmare!!  I will need to have a look and see if there's any element of 'groupthink' after the time when the guy posted the questions, and also have a look at what the responses from group members are.

Anyhow, as usual...many thanks for reading!!

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